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100 degrees and perfect

#4 looking good

Repairing # 1 tee box. Looking great....

Solid tining greens in January.  Helps root development!!!!



Aeration of the greens from start to finish. The staff did a great job. Rain got in the way but we did get it done.  


Doing what it takes to keep the greens healthy


Working hard to get ready for weekend


This was painted in the middle of 18 fairway for the YMCA tournament.

                                                                     Kerry Allen


Finished product

More sodding

Laying sod

New bunker #9. Started...

                                                                     Kerry Allen 

Picture of #1 tee
Kerry Allen

  Spring is here and the weather has turned for the better. With the rising soil temperatures, the turf is beginning to show life and thrive once again. We have finished applying the pre-emergence to the entire golf course. This is my third year spraying out the golf course for winter weeds. We had great results and 99% of the winter weeds are gone, wild onions being the hardest weed to eliminate. Aeration to the greens went well. The next couple weeks we will be working on the greens helping them to recover. I have taken soil samples from the greens and have gotten the results, which help educate us on what we need to apply to the greens, helping with faster recovery and preparing the soil and grass for the summer months. Soil samples are a great tool to use. We apply only what the results tell us. Knowing what the soil needs will save us money and prevents nutrients from getting into our tributaries. Thank you for your support. 
-Kerry Allen

This is our first turf blog so I felt I would start with one of the most prettiest places to be in Middlesex County.  The #14th hole on the Piankatank River.  I get to see it everyday and it is still an awesome view.